LGR Plate Carousel System

LGR Carousel integrated with a Peak KiNDEx™ robotThe LGR Plate Storage Carousel provides storage for up to 450 microwell plates in a device designed for automated laboratory environments. The carousel, controlled by the robots PC, is rotated to the desired stack location for plate access. Removable stacks provide fast and convenient storage for microwell plates, lids, tip racks and are available in Random Access and standard stacks.


  • 10 removable stacks Each holds up to 45 standard 14.5mm height plates
  • Option for sequential or random access stacks
  • Portrait orientation
  • Different height configurations available
  • Index time: approx. 0.5 seconds per station
  • Compatible with many portrait-grip robots including:
    •  Peak KiNEDx
    • Mitsubishi
    • Staubli
    • High precision gear head and brushless DC servo motor with built in motion controller and incremental encoder
    • Compact, robust design with minimal footprint diameter of 670mm [26.4in]
    • Precision stack and plate location allows for seamless robotic integration
    • Controlled by the robot's PC thru a standard RS232 serial connector
    • Stack present sensor verifies proper loading of stack intended carousel index location

   Sequentially stacked Carousel (left) and random access stack (right)