Motion Control

Experts in leading motion control technology, Let's Go Robotics uses products from Galil Motion Control and Animatics. These products are integrated as needed into lab automation projects.


SmartMotor™ is an entire servo motion control system in a single component designed for compact, high reliability O.E.M. equipment. The SmartMotor™ servo is a fully integrated, powerful, compact unit that significantly elevates state-of-the-art motion control technology. It combines a controller, motor drive, encoder, network manager and packs it into the back of a high quality brushless D.C. Servo Motor.

Increase Throughput

The SmartMotor™ meets the demands for increased throughput on automation equipment, often by replacing stepper motors. Because the SmartMotor™™ will take step and direction commands, and is bolt and shaft compatible; steppers can be replaced with NO SOFTWARE OR MOUNTING CHANGES.

Increase MTBF (reliability)

The SmartMotor™ has about 1/4 the number of parts of other servo systems. It is simple - fewer parts and better design mean greater reliability.

Reduce Costs

Fewer parts cost you less, but that’s just the start. Eliminate the drives and controls cabinet from your machine. Just connect everything to the SmartMotor™ and save so much more.

Reduce Development Time

There is almost nothing the SmartMotor™ can’t do, so there is simply little left for you to do but complete your project.

Eliminate Field Service

Lightning strike your unit in the field? No need to send out a technician to troubleshoot a cabinet of controls that doesn’t exist. Just swap the motor and you have changed out the entire control system; send a spare and have zero down time.