LGR manufactures its own robots and represents robots from StaubliPeak Robotics, and Denso. Other robotic systems can also be used as customer requirements dictate.



A Complete Range of Robots

  • SCARA 4-axis robots
  • 6-axis robots
  • Specialized robots (painting, cleanroom, plastics, machine-tools, etc.)

A single PC-based platform

  • A single family of CS8 controllers to control the entire range
  • Choice of programming: VAL robotics language, or PLC-IEC61131 languages (Ladder, SFC, FBD, ST, IL)
  • A PC software package, Stäubli Robotics Studio, offering user-friendliness and integration within the Windows ® environment. 


LGR Electric Servo Gripper, "The Gripster" and LGR Pneumatic Gripper on a Staubli TX40 Robot

LGR Carousel System with a Peak KiNDEx

The KiNEDx Series Cylindrical Robot

  • 4-Axis and 5-Axis Robots
  • Flexible Programming thanks to the open-architecture software
  • A generic DLL is provided with several options for integration and scheduling.
  • All joints are servo’d with controllers and amplifiers integral to each motor
  • A single RS-232 serial cable connects between the robot and the user PC.
  • Designed for demanding applications, these robots are perfect for many laboratory and high-tech applications such as drug discovery, genomics, and high throughput screening.


4- 5- and 6-Axis Articulated Robots

  • High-Speed 
  • Compact, Space Saving Designs
  • High and Low Payload available


Let's Go Robotics T5 Robot

General Specifications

  • Z Axis (72 inches option), Y Axis (16 to 24 inches), theta (360 degs, slip rings)
  • Complete GUI and database software for tracking and simple Excel programming, .NET software
  • Web based interface and Windows CE.NET standalone computer
  • Random access and sequential stacks
  • Barcode reading and tracking
  • Top load and unload, along with a shovel to remove plates that have vertical separation within the stack
  • 360 degree rotation travel for the base axes, with slip rings, so no wire hang-ups. 5 axes of motion. (4 axes shown, with the 5th axis on a long gantry as needed to go between instruments)
  • Software and network interfaces with most standard instruments
  • 40% more usable travel than current competitors
  • Modular design approach for all axes, expandable as your lab grows
  • Lid removal and storage system
  • Smooth operation and accuracy to 0.010 inches