Vision Systems

Image Processing                                        

Let's Go Robotics has developed systems with integrated vision processing for many years. Ranging from high-speed image acquisition and real-time image processing to low cost sensors and offline post-processing. Whether you need to use vision as part of your process control, or just catalogue images of the end product, LGR can help

Our experts have experience in:

  • Cell/Colony picking
  • Pick & Place
  • Defect Detection
  • Automated Classification       

Complete Vision Solutions

If you have a project that may need vision, please contact us now. We offer complete system design and development and can help you select a vision package that works for you: sensors, lenses, and lighting - we do it all.

Motion Control Integration

If you already have a vision system, but need to integrate it with motion control, LGR can help.  Request information today!

Imaging Hardware/Software Tools
We use industry standard tools from vendors including Cognex, National Instruments, and Mathworks to develop solutions to fit your needs. Whether you need an off the shelf solution, or custom algorithm development, we have the tools at our disposal.
  • Cognex
  • Allied Vision Technologies
  • QImaging
  • Point Grey
  • AXIS Communications
  • Custom Sensors
  • Epson