LifeSciences Lab Automation


Precise Drop II

Fill 96-384-and 1536-well plates with any dispense pattern


BioRaptr 3.0

100 nL to 600 uL Precision Microfluid Dispensing

BioRaptr 3.0 Dispenser

Download the NIH poster about BioRaptr 2.0 presented at SLAS 2023

Image of NIH Poster about BioRaptr 2.0

Engineering-Driven Excellence​

At Let’s Go Robotics, we focus on LifeSciences automation for the future. As experts in integrating complex systems involving motion control and instrumentation, our team provides complete laboratory automation, custom engineering services and everything in between.

The LGR team includes experienced Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Process Engineers. Our expert team will integrate key technologies with your automation requirements to create a system that meets your needs now and with the flexibility to adapt for the future.